Cello for Weddings

Elegant wedding music is my specialty! I always play from the heart for Brides, Grooms, and Guests – you can choose your style or favorite songs (from over 75 options) for your modern or Classical themed wedding music!

I already play many of the most popular wedding songs of today, although I offer a gift to all wedding ceremony clients so that you can have your favorite song played – I will play any song by request (or sometimes, two songs! Details below.)

I use an uncommon approach – I weave live cello into recorded accompaniment music. The result is live cello plus sounds of recorded pianos, harps, bands, and more. Each song is unique! I arrange and create all aspects of the music (by ear) to be heartfelt and familiar.

While the instrument options are plentiful in my studio, my wedding repertoire is largely this: cello plus (recorded) piano. It is a timeless duo. The songs with other recorded instruments (especially drums, guitars, and basses) are created with elegant sounds. A good example of this toned-down style can be heard below in Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”. 

I play any venue size and outdoors. The speaker I use for playing recorded accompaniments or adding volume to the cello is battery powered, so I can play anywhere for several hours at a time.

If you are looking for something more traditional, solo cello (unaccompanied) and my entire list of songs is available for entire ceremonies. 


As mentioned, gift music is offered to all clients and created with the ambience of the original song, or if you would like, with a fresh spin on it! (While most songs work well, you can rest assured you’re in good hands as you select your songs.)

If you don’t have a particular gift song in mind yet, no worries! I can bring your song  to life based on an mp3 or YouTube link (even rock, dance/pop, hip-hop, blues, etc.) After reserving my service with a 50% deposit, you can choose your gift music from two options: 

Option A: TWO shorter arrangements for Bride’s entrance or any special moments (under 1 minute) during the ceremony.

Option B: ONE full-length gift song – consider this for Prelude, Processional, Recessional, or even Cocktail Hour/Dinner.


Modern Wedding Selections 

This is a small sampling to give you an idea of the sound of modern weddings. The highly Traditional wedding music, which is only played by request, can be heard in the next section. 


From another time…
From another place…

A Thousand Years

by Christina Perri | Movie Soundtrack

“Dearly Beloved”

A little bit country

(recordings coming Feb 2019)

Traditional Wedding Music

These pieces are famous for good reasons – they are awesome!  Request the songs you would like to be played for your Guests during the Prelude or any of the moments during your ceremony. Canon in D is always a classic – my arrangement includes a live cello + 3 recorded cellos.

I have more Traditional pieces I would be glad to share at any time. 

The Complete Ceremony package I have described above is everything you need – beautiful cello sounds with friendly service and songs by request to fit your style from when your first guests arrive until the last guest has gone. 

Performance at your reception is also available. Call or email if you have any questions about which songs I know, or anything other questions. Thank you for your interest in my music!