Kind Words

Los Poblanos Wedding and Reception

"We have no words to describe what an amazing ceremony we had. We were absolutely blessed by having you be part of our blessing. Thank you for your patience, the love you gave us through your music - you were an absolute sensation that will be kept in our hearts forever" 

~ Lucia and Michael

Superb Performer

"Ryan is a highly skilled, talented and sophisticated musician who brought world class to our wedding. He was very approachable, responsive and had a broad musical repertoire. What we loved about him that aside the usual classical pieces he is also able to transpose and adapt modern music based on your choice and to your wishes. He was truly amazing and we highly recommend him!"   

~ Dan and Tobias

Elegant and Enchanting

"Ryan was the cellist for my Denver wedding in September of 2015. The wedding was held at a museum on an outdoor terrace and it was a beautiful early fall day. Ryan's presence sealed the deal and made the wedding feel so elegant and enchanting--his music entertained and delighted antsy guests before the ceremony. :) Not only was Ryan extremely talented but he was very reliable and personable. The wedding was a magical day and Ryan's presence was part of that special energy. Highly recommend Ryan for future weddings! 

~ Amy and Ryan


"Ryan’s passion shows in his music and made me cry when I first heard him playing cello, it was so emotional and passionate! I also took cello lessons from Ryan and he was a very patient teacher and detailed in explaining techniques. Don’t ever pass the chance of listening to his cello or learning from him. It will make your soul sing." 

~ Melissa

Heartfelt Warmth

"Ryan brought heartfelt warmth to our ceremony with his original cello compositions. The music made the experience truly unique and beautiful!"  

~ Nate and Lori


"Ryan has been so amazing to work with! He is courteous, kind, and so very talented. He has helped my fiance and I in arranging a couple pieces dear to our heart. These songs are oldies but goodies & we can't wait to share them with our family & friends. He has done a great job! We definetly recommend Ryan to all looking for a professional & fun cellist!"   

~ Andrea and Eric