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Welcome to "Cello for Weddings"

My name is Ryan Smith, and I always play from the heart for Brides, Grooms, and Guests!  To personalize your wedding, you can choose your style or even your favorite songs (from over 75 options). 

I have many selections of popular, unique, Classical, and Traditional wedding music. My flat-rate complete ceremony service includes music before, during, and after your wedding. My highly-rated music planning service is all about making it fun and easy to have your style reflected in your wedding, and I am proud to bring a unique repertoire and feeling to each wedding! 

Gift music!

If I don't already have your favorite song, I will learn it for you! Any song in the world. More details below.

Most Popular songs!

Below are a few of the most requested songs for weddings!

Traditional wedding music is only by request. (I love to play these!)

More About "Cello for Weddings"

Solo or Accompanied Cello

As you can hear in the music above, I weave live cello into recorded accompaniment music including pianos, more strings, bands, and more. I arrange and create all aspects of the music (by ear), taking care to make it heartfelt and recognizable.

While the instrument options are plentiful in my studio, much of my wedding repertoire is cello with (recorded) piano, because it is a timeless duo! When rock instruments are included for wedding ceremony music, I normally use a toned-down style. A good example of this can be heard in the playlist above, in my version of Ed Sheeran's "Perfect". 

Solo cello (unaccompanied), choosing from my entire list of songs, is available for entire ceremonies.  

All Venues

I play all venue sizes and outdoors. Whether playing accompanied or amplified solo cello, the speaker is battery powered, which means I can play anywhere. Also, I often play reception cocktail hours or reception dinners as well! 

Gift Music

Rock, dance/pop, hip-hop, blues, Latin...anything! I have created highly energetic, exciting songs for many couples' Recessionals! I'm glad to help guide the way to bringing music you and your guests will love and remember!

Option A: TWO shorter arrangements for Bride's entrance or any special moments (under 1 minute) during the ceremony.

Option B: ONE full-length gift song - consider this for Prelude, Processional, Recessional, or even Cocktail Hour/Dinner.


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